Monday, April 13, 2015

Topanga World League 2 highlight & recap; Daigo's new record

Topanga World League 2 full result here

- Full replay for this tournament is available until May 17, 2015. Ticket info here.
(1 nico pts = 1 yen).

- Daigo Umehara now has defended 2 major tournaments of SFIV series. He won EVO 2009 & 2010, and now Topanga World League 1 & 2. Other players who had defended SFIV major once are Tokido (WGC 2011 & 2012), and Kazunoko (Tougeki 2011 & 2012).

- This year Topanga World League format has changed to First-to 5 instead of First-to 7 due to the total amount of competitors increased (from 8 to 9), and there's no deuce.

- There's few games forced to stop in the middle like Poongko vs. Luffy, and Sako vs. Momochi because of the... console error? The match has to be reset regardless of who is leading.

- Daigo, Sako, and Bonchan did not use their sub-character (Daigo Yun, Sako Evil Ryu, Bonchan Ryu).

- Poongko = The most successful raw ultra (most of them are Seth U1 on fireball), the most perfect round, the most stun player.

Topanga Co. official site.

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