Tuesday, May 05, 2015

KVO x TSB 2015 - USFIV result, and summary; Tokido, Bonchan, Nemo, Haitani, and more!

Tournament results for KVO x TSB 2015 (a.k.a. KSB), also the Capcom Pro Tour Asia Qualifier for Ultra Street Fighter IV, the event set on Osaka, Japan, May 2 - 4.

Players: Tokido, Haitani, Bonchan, Kazunoko, Nemo, Shiro, Eita, Kindevu, Itazan, Pepeday, KojiKOG, NISHIKIN, Kyoko, and more!

USFIV tournament brackets can be found at this link.

Result below:

Ultra Street Fighter IV

1. BE.Nemo (Rolento, Decapre)
2. Tonpy (C. Viper)
3. MCZ.Tokido (Akuma)
4. Kazunoko (Yun)
5. Inco (Rufus)
5. Bonchan (Sagat)
7. KojiKOG (T. Hawk)
7. FGC.Pepeday (El Fuerte)


Nemo comeback from Losers in Top 16, beat by Tonpy (C. Viper). In Grand Finals, Nemo beat Tonpy 3-1, 3-0.

Tokido (Akuma) lose to Tonpy (C. Viper) and eliminated by Nemo (Rolento)

Haitani (Rufus) lose to Fubarduck (Ibuki) and eliminated by Pepeday (El-Fuerte)

Dogura (Rolento) eliminated by Haitani (Rufus)

Shiro (Abel) lose to Nemo (Rolento) and eliminated by Kazunoko (Yun)

Eita (Akuma) lose to Tonpy (C. Viper) and eliminated by KojiKOG (T. Hawk)

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