Friday, January 27, 2012

Topanga League Round 4 - Update, result, and summary

Live updates and report of TOPANGA LEAGUE! Round 4 - Jan 27, 10:00 PM JST (GMT +9)

Standings after Round 4:
1. Kazunoko - 5W - 1L
2. Sako - 5W - 2L
3. Haitani - 5W - 2L
4. Daigo - 5W - 3L
5. Mago - 5W - 3L
6. Momochi - 4W - 4L
7. Kindevu - 3W - 3L
8. Fuudo - 3W - 4L
9. Uryo - 3W - 4L
10. Tokido - 3W - 7L
11. Bonchan - 2W - 6L
12. RF - 1W - 5L


Kindevu (Cammy) 3 - 1 RF (Sagat)
At the beginning, Kindevu's Cammy keep moving forward launching high density attacks. RF has analysed Kindevu's tactic, start from 2nd match his defense was lot more better, but the match still tough. RF gamble his game with many uppercuts, this helped on certain cases, but later on Kindevu has overcome it well.

Momochi (Cody) 3 - 1 Fuudo (Fei Long)
Fuudo tried Shienkyaku FADC into Ultra 1 during the match test. This is more about yomi game, Momochi's yomi was lot more better. Fuudo miss block a lot at the beginning, seems like the line is a bit lag of Fuudo's side.

Mago (Fei Long) 3 - 0 RF (Sagat)
Mago control the match well, and he knows Sagat well. His moves have done in the right range forcing RF to the corner most of the time. But Mago's mistakes let RF fight back in certain situations, he then play more careful and took down RF four rounds straight in the last 2 matches. Mago once again did Shienkyaku FADC into Ultra 1 in the 2nd match.

Sako (Ibuki) 3 - 1 Bonchan (Sagat)
Both players are steady and good at space control. 1st match Sako's play style was slow, didn't seem like how he played in the previous rounds. After Bonchan won the 1st match, Sako speed up his rhythm giving Bonchan a hard time. Without choices, Bonchan tried yomi game with random uppercuts and sneaky Tiger Knees, but it didn't help much, Sako got the game easily, once again delivered an excellent game play.

Haitani (Makoto) 3 - 0 Kindevu (Cammy)
Hyper aggressive fight! Kindevu made several mistakes giving chances to Haitani launch his insane mix up. Kindevu couldn't handle these crazy attacks from Haitani even taking risk to counter. Haitani has simply took the game with dominating style.

Momochi (Cody) 3 - 2 Bonchan (Sagat)
This match has lot of throw game. Bonchan unable to beat Momochi on the throw game, he made adjustment on his strategy which keep more spacing with Cody, but Momochi still keep going with throw game and random mix up. Down to last match last round, Momochi great yomi skill managed to break Bonchan's high defensive strategy.

Fuudo (Fei Long) 1 - 3 Sako (Ibuki)
Sako performed a lot different with his play style. Most attacks initiated by Fuudo and Sako was just wait and break in from Fuudo's flaws, his reaction is surprisingly fast in this match. Fuudo unable to overcome Sako's tactic, let Sako achieved victory in 3 matches straight after the 1st match.

Daigo Umehara (Ryu) 3 - 1 RF (Sagat)
RF took the 1st match from many wrong judgement by Daigo. Later on, Daigo's steadiness launch many unexpected attack and making RF falling into his setup. Daigo win 3 matches straight after losing the 1st match. Some rounds got interesting come back by both players.

Momochi (Cody) 2 - 3 Uryo (Sakura)
Uryo's reaction made Momochi played defensively instead of attack, but Uryo's force giving Momochi a hard time even to block or escape. Momochi managed to win some rounds by yomi and some mistakes from Uryo. Last match was close, but Momochi's unchanged tactic eventually get beaten.

Haitani (Makoto) 3 - 1 Fuudo (Fei Long)
Haitani read Fuudo well, his random Karakusa trick worked great and accurately. Fuudo then decided take more risk to counter Haitani's plan, it help a bit but it's far from overcome Haitani's attacks.

Daigo Umehara (Ryu) 2 - 3 Momochi (Cody)
Daigo strong performance and Momochi dropped some combos giving Daigo got the 1st match easily. Momochi switched to be even more defensive style which Daigo wasn't too rush down, the match has become yomi game again, you never know what move is next. Momochi suddenly switch to aggressive in the final match, Daigo unable to handle it and gave the game away.


Tcl said...

Does the author her have access to any behind the scenes comments or even interview, what does the players think of the game right now, are some characters still overpowered, etc ....

Author said...

Nope, since they are now in the online season, so the players actually didn't show on the stream except commentators.



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