Saturday, January 28, 2012

Topanga League Round 5 - Update, result, and summary

Live updates and report of TOPANGA LEAGUE! Round 5 - Jan 28, 10:00 PM JST (GMT +9)

Standings after Round 5:
1. Haitani - 8W - 2L
2. Sako - 7W - 3L
3. Mago - 6W - 3L
4. Kazunoko - 6W - 3L
5. Daigo - 5W - 4L
6. Momochi - 5W - 6L
7. Uryo - 4W - 5L
8. Kindevu - 3W - 5L
9. Fuudo - 3W - 4L
10. RF - 3W - 5L
11. Tokido - 3W - 8L
12. Bonchan - 2W - 7L


Tokido (Akuma) 1 - 3 RF (Sagat)
Both players launching random attack. RF got many advantages and free hit chances from Tokido defensive-less moves. RF escape from many of Akuma vortex because lot of wrong timing judgement have done by Tokido.

Sako (Ibuki) 3 - 0 Kindevu (Cammy)
Sako's Ibuki still very impressive. Kindevu keeps his aggressive style as usual, he made Sako fall in trouble once he pushed and locked Sako in the corner. However, it wasn't an easy job, Sako's insane mix up and space control was lot better in this match. An easy 3-0 victory for Sako.

Kazunoko (Seth) 1 - 3 RF (Sagat)
RF performance in this match was better than ever. His read and guess done right at many important moments, and made many counter throw successfully. Kazunoko is still tough, he did lot of great pressure on RF, but RF managed to overcome. Kazunoko dropped some combo that let him miss the chance to win for certain rounds.

Bonchan (Sagat) 1 - 3 Uryo (Sakura)
A tough match for both players. Bonchan has no problem at a distance, but once Sakura gets in, he has to counter Uryo's pressure with risky moves, and Bonchan managed to setup some risky but successful counter attack that made Uryo slowed down his attack. Uryo's adjustment eventually got him gain control of the game and victory.

Momochi (Cody) 2 - 3 Mago (Fei Long)
Momochi did well at the beginning, but then he fell into tough fight. Mago perform many different style of pressure making Momochi a bit helpless. Not much mistake Momochi did here and he also play with lot of focus attack which worked for many situation. Both players pushed each other into last match and even last round, Mago's steadiness finally took the game. Mago did a great come back in the 1st round of final match. Amazing fight!

Sako (Ibuki) 2 - 3 Haitani (Makoto)
Tough enough for both players. Haitani good with sneaky attacks especially a sudden Karakusa, while Sako good at space control and reaction, and both character deliver crazy pressure, basically who did a mistake first or get knocked down first will experience a hard time. Down to last match, Sako's mistake and risky move hand up the match to Haitani with 2 rounds straight victory.

Kindevu (Cammy) 0 - 3 Momochi (Cody)
Momochi picked Ultra 1 for this match up. Majority attacks begin from Kindevu were from air, and Momochi has always be prepared for that. Kindevu then made a little adjustment, but still have a long way to go for victory. Momochi rarely drop his combo in this fight.

Kazunoko (Seth) 2 - 3 Haitani (Makoto)
Kazunoko had a bad start, he then made some adjustments quickly. Due he can die very fast if unable to escape from Makoto mix up, so he tried turling style. But Haitani still able to break it with proper tactic. Kazunoko then switch to random risky Shoryuken, Yosokyaku, grab, and every ways to knock down Haitani, it seems Haitani had fell into hard fight. Both pushed into final match, and Haitani had better reaction that overcome Kazunoko Seth.

Sako (Ibuki) 3 - 1 Uryo (Sakura)
Uryo's mix up was great and making Sako confuse and miss block lot of his moves, but Sako could do the same thing on him, both play couldn't get clear advantage early in the fight. Later on, Sako managed to caught Uryo strategy and able to Ultra 2 him accurately, eventually took down the game with the smart way.

Momochi (Cody) 0 - 3 Haitani (Makoto)
This match Haitani not only continue showing his dominating style, he shown that he is good with yomi game too. Momochi had no idea how can stop Haitani pressure except waiting for his mistake. But until the end, Haitani's mistakes were not that much, simply got his victory, and "all-win" for today matches.

Kazunoko (Seth) 3 - 0 Daigo Umehara (Ryu)
This is about lure and risky gamble, more with yomi game again. Daigo still could not link the solar plexus into combo well since his first day of the tournament, and his bad judgement simply let Kazunoko took 2 matches straight, and then roughly the last match, although Daigo did some great come back, but it didn't help to come back his match.

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