Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Tokido Formula training video

CrossCounter TV has released an in-depth training video, and the teaching player is... Tokido! In this 2 hours training video, Tokido share his knowledge and secret of playing Akuma/Gouki. Hosted by Fubarduck who serves as an eager student and translator, this video will provide all you need to know to take your Akuma game to the next level.

Video contents:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Akuma
Chapter 2: Effective Normals
Chapter 3: Movement
Chapter 4: Defense
Chapter 5: Combo basics
Chapter 6: Setups
Chapter 7: Countering Setups
Chapter 8: Ultras
Chapter 9: Option Selects
Chapter 10: Frame Traps
Chapter 11: Raging Demon and uses
Chapter 12: Character Specific Tactics (Ryu, C. Viper, E. Honda, Rufus, Yun, Yang, Blanka)
Chapter 13: How to Use Training Mode
Chapter 14: AE 2012 Changes

Yes, this video is in Japanese because it is Tokido's native language. Fubarduck asks the questions in English, then asks in Japanese and Tokido answers in Japanese. English subtitles are provided and they will work on your iPhone/iPad.

Available now at Here

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