Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Tokido Formula full video

Last month, Crosscounter TV released The Tokido Formula training video, a SSFIV:AE Akume/Gouki video tutorial guided by Tokido. MyPumpkins has uploaded this two hours full video tutorial on his/her Youtube channel.

I believe the video was captured in the year 2011 since Tokido mentioned his Topanga TV will stream every Saturday at the end of the video, because Topanga TV has been scheduled on every Wednesday since 2012.

Video contents:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Akuma
Chapter 2: Effective Normals
Chapter 3: Movement
Chapter 4: Defense
Chapter 5: Combo basics
Chapter 6: Setups
Chapter 7: Countering Setups
Chapter 8: Ultras
Chapter 9: Option Selects
Chapter 10: Frame Traps
Chapter 11: Raging Demon and uses
Chapter 12: Character Specific Tactics (Ryu, C. Viper, E. Honda, Rufus, Yun, Yang, Blanka)
Chapter 13: How to Use Training Mode
Chapter 14: AE 2012 Changes

Watch the full video below:

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