Thursday, April 05, 2012

Evolution 2012

The Evolution 2012 Main Event will be held on July 6-8, 2012 at the fabulous Caesar’s Palace Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Evolution Championship Series represents the largest and longest-running fighting game tournaments in the world. Evo events bring together the best of the best from around the world in a dazzling exhibition of skill and fun, as players and fans gather to honor the competitive spirit in an open format and determine a champion.

The games lineup list was announced early of Jan 2012, and they are:

- Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Ver. 2012
- Street Fighter x Tekken
- Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
- Soul Calibur V
- King of Fighters XIII
- Mortal Kombat

Tokido will be attending this event as well as the Tournament of Legends side event.

Evo 2012 official announcement.

See the result here

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