Thursday, April 05, 2012

Nuki confirms for Tournament of Legends! (and EVO?)

Tournament of Legends is a legendary Super Street Fighter II Turbo tournament at Evolution 2012 event. Yesterday the Official site reveals Nuki has confirmed entering this event.

Nuki is a multi-game legend in both Japan and America, Nuki is not only known for his aggressive game play, but he is also recognized for his outlandish commentary during intense matches. Since the late-90s, Nuki has been a dominant force in games such as Street Fighter Alpha 3, Capcom vs. SNK 2, Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, and most notably Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo.

Nuki has competed at EVO mutilple times at the past and has placed 2nd in Super Turbo in 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2008 but has never been able to take the championship.

In year 2005, Nuki and Daigo Umehara won the Super Opera Battle/Tougeki main title SSFIII in Japan, and people say they formed the strongest team in the fighting game history. Since this is a side event of Evolution 2012, so he probably will going to participate the SSFIV:AE v2012, we will see the update soon.

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