Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mago's China Kumite; will play SSFIV:AE, UMvC3 & KoF13 in this EVO

If you wondering why Mago was missing in Topanga TV - May 16, it's because he has been invited to China (16-18 May) for a Kumite event. There's over 20 players came to challenge him and the event ended up with 63 matches, Mago won 57 matches.

During some interview by "Angel", the 2D God mentioned that he will participate UMvC3, KoF13, and of cause SSFIV:AE v2012 in this year Evolution.

Read below for summary report.

Mago face some problem to obtain his boarding pass at GuangZhou BaiYun Airport due to his passport issue, but eventually it's been settle.

16th night, Mago play SSFIV:AE PC online, he was not very clear what is "disconnect gang" (rage quitter), after he's understand about that, he says this is definitely a "genius...". The organizer hope next similar event can arrange more stronger players to play with the guest.

17th, Mago visits Jing'an Temple, he made 2 wishes from his pray:
1. His fighting game skill can get more improvement.
2. Fighting game community grow flourish and last longer.

Last year he back was injured when he was in Switzerland. Although he has recovered, but cannot stay or sit for too long.

In the Kumite night in ShangHai, Mago (Fei Long) start with good performance but after changing the stick, he lost his first match to an Adon player twice, and later lost few more matches due to some mistake. The Kumite ended up with:
Mago - 57 Challengers - 6. Mago is not very satisfy with his own performance, he says he hope to win even more. The player impress him was an Ibuki player called Xiao Sha Fa (小沙发). Mago says the overall skill of China players have improved compare to the previous time he came.

18th preparing to leave.

Mago mentions everyday 15 hours game training for both arcade center and online match. He likes to play in arcade, although there could lost money, but important thing is play with strong players.

You can find the full report here (Chinese).

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