Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Tokido & Daigo @ Capcom Summer Jam

Capcom Summer Jam 2012 on June 30, and July 1 has bring in many excited titles info to the events. Tokido and Daigo Umehara were invited to the Street Fighter X Tekken stage on the second day of the event. Replay Channel, Ranked Match, auto search opponents, and gameplay mode have been introduced for the Vita version.

Tokido and Daigo played an exhibition match on the PS Vita edition, Daigo picks Blanka and Guy to face Tokido's Bryan and Jack-X. Tokido won the match. Later on, Daigo and Tokido team up to face the game producer Tomoaki Ayano and assistant producer Shinichi Nakamura on the PS3 platform. Daigo picks Ryu, and Tokido picks Julia face against Ayano's Bryan and Nakamura's Elena. The match won by the producer's team.

Read the full event report by Game Watch

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