Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Star players in EVO 2012; Daigo is in the Pool of Death

Some info of Super Street Fighter IV: AE v2012 tournament, which is still the main event title for this year Evolution. Surprisingly, Uryo and Haitani are coming this year. Below is the list of the well known players from Japan and Korea.

**July 3 update:
Nuki cancels his trip because his grandmother just passed away. He also apologized to everyone who gave him supports. (source: Beastnote)

Player listing:
Kyabetsu (Pool A5)
Momochi (Pool A7)
Fuudo (Pool A19)
Tokido (Pool B14)
Nyanshi (Pool B4)
Bonchan (Pool B7)
Nuki (Pool C6)
PoongKO (Pool C8) *Korean
Kazunoko (Pool C13)
Daigo Umehara (Pool C17)
Kindevu (Pool D4) *same with Ryan Hart and Xian
Sako (Pool D8)
Eita (Pool D15)
Chocoblanka (Pool D17)
Uryo (Pool D18)
Mago (Pool E1)
Haitani (Pool E3)
Kokujin (Pool E5)
Infiltration (Pool E9) *Korean
Itabashi Zangief (Pool E12)

Daigo Umehara and Kazunoko are placed in pool C13 and C17, assuming they both advance to next round, they will fall into the same pool with Justin Wong and Latif (assuming they both qualify too) which are placed in pool C11 and C18. However, Nuki and PoongKO are in the pool C, he will advance to different qualifier pool than Daigo and Kazunoko.

Check this link to see all competitor brackets as well as other game titles.

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Mumra Everliving said...

It's a shame Nuki is unable to make it due to his family emergency. My thoughts go with him and his family.

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