Friday, November 23, 2012

Yubiken surprises Karipaku with birthday cake

Yubiken has a "Who is the best in Yubiken members?" competition yesterday, and before that, there's a surprise for Karipaku!

@0:12:20 Birthday Cake present
 @0:25:45 Karipaku (Cody) play only stream

 In case if you ask, Karipaku かりぱく is a very strong female player who plays Cody in SSFIV:AE. She entered this year Topanga Charity Cup (2) and caught many auditions attention with her great Cody performance. Watch some of her matches here. Start from July 2012, Karipaku host the fighting game TV stream channel - Yubiken with KichijojiKEN, Uki, and Shin.

There was an episode invited Shiro & Neurosis's Shibuya Team to the show for a 5v5 match. You can watch it here (Karipaku's Yubiken vs. Shiro's Shibuya!).

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