Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Interview with Tokido at DUC2K13

An interview with Mad Catz Tokido at Da Ultimate Crushing 2K13 (tournament result here) by Ryan Hart. This interview talks about the following subjects:

1. His training
2. AE conditions in japan
3. His first fighting experience
4. His real fighting experience
5. Japan top ten players
6. 25th Anniversary Tournament
7. Tips for new players

- People in Japan are honestly bored with SFIV series, rather than an update people want a new game.
- Laugh's knowledge is amazing so it kind of feels like you are playing 2 people at once when you play against them (Infiltration). The Koreans are currently ahead of the rest of the world with this strategy but we will also practice this strategy too.
- Street Fighter 2 on the Super Nintendo was Tokido's first FTG, he says he couldn't beat CPU Sagat.
- First to 3 would be perfect for tournament format.
- Tokido has a manager's contract with Topanga Co. at this moment.

Read the full interview at LowLandLions website

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