Monday, July 29, 2013

Tongeki 2013 - SSFIV:AE v2012 10-players team exhibition event

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Tongeki 2013 (豚劇2013) - Kokujin and Sentosu both set a team with 10 players according to player's ranking (such as PP) in order to fight the opposite player at the similar level. The rules is character lock, 2/3 round for a match, and first-to-5 game. This event started on Jul 25, 2013.

Some top players are invited such as Kazunoko, Momochi, Nuki, Itazan/Itabashi Zangief, R (Topanga League commentator), a.k.a. jojo (the host of Team Tengu), Karipaku (the host of Yubiken), Choco Blanka, and more.

Check out the awesome Tongeki 2013 PV trailer here:

Stream link will be provided by Kokujin TV and Sentosu channel at Nico Nico. Competition result is posted at this link.

Check the schedule and match up below:

Match up:
Note: Pay attention to Sentosu's Twitter for latest date and updates

P1 Team Kokujin - P2 Team Sentosu

1. [Jul 25] PP 2000 Matching
Etekichi (Makoto) vs. Hernia (Cody)

2. [Jul 28] PP 3000 Matching
Takupapa (El Fuerte) vs. Dango3Brother (Dhalsim)

3. [Jul 29] PP 4000 Matching
Okan (Makoto) vs. Marugori (Makoto)

4. [Aug 1] Army Representative
Nuki (Seth) vs. Yuujin (Sagat)

5. [Aug 5] Female Power Battle
Choco Blanka (Blanka) vs. Karipaku (Cody)

6. [Aug 7] Secret Battle
a.k.a. jojo (Dictator) vs. R/Aru (Guy)

7. [Aug 11] PP 5000 Matching
Rikimaru (Fei Long) vs. Keshikaran (Rose)

8. [Aug 12] Virtua Type Battle
Yaoichi (Ken) vs. Itazan (Zangief)

9. [Aug 18] Victory Battle
Momochi (Ken) vs. Kazunoko (Yun)

10. [Aug 19] Final Battle!
Kokujin (Ryu) vs. Sentosu (Dictator)

Source from Team OZ, Sentosu, Kokujin

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