Monday, July 29, 2013

Umehara -To live is to game- manga (Updated)

Presented by PHP Comics - Daigo Umehara promotional video for his manga (comics from Japan) "To live is to game"! This manga project was started one year ago, the story is about Daigo's early life in arcade gaming. There's an interview show of Daigo on Jul 28, 2013 at Nico nico live that talks about this manga, and Beastnote has written down an English summary here.

Umehara -To live is to game- is now open for order at Amazon JP, or you also can preview the manga at Nico Nico Manga here.

Supervisor: Daigo Umehara 梅原大吾
Drawing : Kengoro Nishide 西出ケンゴロー
Original: Itaru Orisaka 折笠格
Release : 13th Sep 2013
Price : 925 yen

Watch the manga announcement interview video with Daigo Umehara below:

Check out Umehara Comic official site here.

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