Tuesday, August 27, 2013

1st Hong Kong eSport Tournament - SSFIV:AE v2012 finals

The 1st Hong Kong eSport Tournament held at 1 Trade Dr Kowloon Bay, started in July 2013 and will be end on Aug 31, 2013. Super Street Fighter IV: AE v2012 is one of the part of this event which was started on Aug 17, and finals on Aug 31.

The remaining players in the finals are Human Bomb, Gameouttt, and Kawing. The SSFIV:AE v2012 part estimate will be starting on 2:00 PM HKT (GMT +8), live at GGlive TV.

The other games in the tournament are StarCraft II, LoL, CS Online, and FIFA 2013. More info from HKeSports.com.

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