Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pro Gamers' upcoming activities - Tokido, Daigo, Infiltration, Sako, and more.

Mad Catz Unveiled at PAX Prime 2013
Date: Aug 28, 2013
Players: Daigo Umehara, Xian
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA
Official website

Hong Kong eSport Tournament
Date: Aug 31, 2013
Players: Human Bomb
Location: Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong
Official website

Treta Championship AFtermath 2013
Date: Sep 7 - 8, 2013
Players: Sako
Location: Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil
Official website

Tokyo Game Show 2013
Date: Sep 19 - 22, 2013
Players: Daigo Umehara, Tokido, Infiltration, Mago, Xian, Ryan Hart, Kayane, Kazunoko, Bonchan, Fuudo (Updated on Sep 3)
Location: Chiba city, Japan
Official website
*Capcom Cup 2013 qualifier on Sep 22

Canada Cup 2013
Date: Sep 27 - 29, 2013
Players: Tokido, Mago, Fuudo, Bonchan, Kazunoko
Location: Richmond, Canada
Official website


Daigo Umehara God's Right Hand T-Shirt release
Date: End of Aug, 2013
Official website

Umehara -To live is to game- manga release
Date: Sep 13, 2013
Official website

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