Thursday, September 26, 2013

Topanga League 3 - B League (Tickets and match schedules)

The 3rd season of Topanga League has been announced by Nyanshi (the founder of TOPANGA Co,. Ltd.) on Nico Live last Friday (Sep 13, 2013). Starting from B League with 13 players and 3 remaining slots from the qualifier on Sep 23, with maximum 64 competitors in two different tournaments. The winner of each tournament will take the remaining slots in the B League and the 2nd place of each tournament will battle for the last slot.

Watch the full replay of B League Qualifier here.

The 1st-3rd place in B League will enter the A League, and 4th-5th place will play Momochi and YHC-Mochi (8th and 9th place for A League) in order the determine their seeds in A League. B League tournament will start on Sep 27 until Oct 27, 2013.

Tickets for both A and B League are already available as below:
- B League full = 1,500 yen
- A League full = 3,500 yen
- A + B League = 4,500 yen
- B League single ep. = 300 yen
- A League single ep. = 500 yen.

View all the tickets and packages at this link.

Players and character selection for B League:
- Tokido (Akuma)
- Mago (Fei Long)
- Kyabetsu (C. Viper)
- Eita (Ryu)
- Naruo (Evil Ryu)
- Michael Tan (Ken)
- Inco (Rufus)
- Youshikibi (Cammy)
- Kyoku (Yang)
- Matsugoro (Dudley)
- KojiKOG (T. Hawk)
- Tsuna (Juri)
- wao (Oni)
- Dashio (Seth)
- Sasaki (Cody)
- NISHIKIN (Blanka)

For match up schedule and result please check out this page.

Infomation provided by Topanga official site.


André Vila Franca said...

I wish Reiketsu and Sasaki would enter this tournament!!!best Balrog and best Cody players in the World!

Ayao Espada said...

Aucun doublons dans les persos

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