Sunday, December 08, 2013

Crossover Heroes West Sega America Comic Festival - UMvC3 tournament result; Nemo, Eita, Abegen, RF, and more!

Crossover Heroes event at CLUB SEGA Shinjuku West B1 hold some fighting games competition on Dec 7, 2013. Main event Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 started at 5:00 PM JST (GMT +9), some high profile UMvC3 players had made their appearance for this event such as Nemo, Eita, Abegen, RF, and many more talented players in Japan.

Tournament is 2 on 2 format, best of 3 game for each player match up, single elimination. All teams separate into 8 blocks, the winner team of each block will advance into top 8 finals.

The whole event stream was recorded at Kagecchi channel, there's also Injustice, MvC, MvC2 competition early in the event. If you want to watch the UMvC3 part, you can find it at this link.

Result below:

1. Toriaesu Shouri
- Nemo
- Fukumenresura

2. CR Pachinko geneiken ~atari kakuritsu 1/2~
- Emumaki
- Mabushin

3. Team Heiwajima
- Eita
- Kokono X

3. Mudeki
- Udaterasu
- takumi

5. Wagun
- Wagun
- niceboy

5. Matsuko Kyouju
- Discovigilante
- Kiyojiyu

5. Mourokujijī
- Sunahebi
- Yoosuke

5. Real Astral Vision
- Hiroshi G
- RF

*Team Abegen was eliminated by Nemo's team before top 8.

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