Sunday, December 08, 2013

Gamerbee talks about DreamHack Winter 2013 event

In the previous episode of TWFighter (Dec 5, 2013), AverMedia Gamerbee shares about his thoughts in DreamHack Winter 2013, that's held in Jönköping, Sweden on Nov 28 - Dec 1.

Here's some summary from his conversation:
- SSFIV:AE Top 4 onward games were planned to play on the stage, due to some schedule changes for other tournament, it has been canceled.
- There's 128 players in the SSFIV:AE tournament.
- Gamerbee thinks Ixion is a strong player, but the capacity of his character (Dan) is obviously limited.
- Regarding overall players skills, he thinks Japan is strongest, then SE-Asia (included Korea) America, and then Europe. However, many of the European players pick mid or low tier characters.
- Talk about the female player from Spain - Necromina (Cammy), Gamerbee beat her in money match, but he feels she is very strong, many Taiwanese player probably cannot beat her.
- He mentions Luffy is Fei Long killer (not clear)? This tournament Mago lose to Luffy and also in money match.
- Before the match with Daigo, he noticed Daigo studies from his games (Daigo expected will face Gamerbee soon), and Daigo actually studied many top players play style even in the tournament. Gamerbee saw him watching some matches recorded by Tokido and from PSP.
- He thinks deliver an excellent match and hypes in the tournament is important, he refers to Daigo matches.
- Regarding Daigo play styles in the grand final, Gamerbee thinks maybe because of Daigo has the winners advantage, so probably he wanna go for high risk game plan.
- Getting 2nd place in this tournament is more that his expectation.
- There's no more overseas activity for Gamerbee (year 2013), he'll focus on TWFighter events in Taiwan.

Check out the full episode here, and don't forget to the follow Gamerbee's stream TWFighter.

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