Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Topanga Ranking Battle (Updated) - Tokido, Daigo, Mago, Momochi, Nemo, Fuudo, and more!

Topanga Ranking Battle is a part of Taito's Ultra Street Fighter IV Grade B Tournament that was announced in April 2014. This tournament divided in to Tokyo, Osako, and Fukuoka, the top 2 players of each region will be qualified for the Taito's Grade B Tournament that will be held in October 2014. Refer this page for the tournament chart, there's another two qualifiers for the Grade B Tournament.

The Topanga Ranking Battle started on 1st of June and will end in August 2014. The 1st round in Tokyo and Fukuoka are already finished in the first day, and Osaka will start on 15th of June. We've seen some top players shown up in the end especially the Tokyo region, here's summary so far:

Players with 7 wins:

Players with 6 wins:
MCZ.Mago, KojiKOG, Kazunoko

Players with 5 wins:
MCZ.Tokido, Sekiganryu, Noriyasu, Roukin

Players with 4 wins:
Nemo, EX Pugera, Kindo, Darui, EG.Momochi, and more

Players with 3 wins:
MCZ.Daigo Umehara, RZR.Fuudo, Uki, Furikuri, Wao, Gachikun, and more

Players with 2 wins:
Karipaku, Cojiro, NISHIKIN, Santarou, and more

Players with 1 win
RZR.Itabashi Zangief, EG.Choco, Koichi, Wanchan-taro, Zangitan, Dogura, KojiKOG, and more

Check out the full event schedule and current player ranking at Topanga Ranking Battle official site. Source via Beastnote.

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