Sunday, July 27, 2014

HK Esports Tournament USFIV results; featuring Daigo Umehara, Humanbomb, Dakou, and more!

Capcom Pro Tour - Ultra Street Fighter IV competition in Hong Kong Esports Tournament, held on Jul 27, 2014. Team Mad Catz Daigo Umehara also had 20-man kumite exhibition match before the tournament, he also going to the Ani-Com & Games 2014 event in Hong Kong.

Tournamnet stream and Daigo exhibition matches can be found from HKeSport channel. Full tournament brackets can be found at this link.

Result below:

Ultra Street Fighter IV

1. MCZ.Daigo Umehara (Evil Ryu)
2. RB (Hugo, Rolento, Guy)
3. Qanba.Dakou (Cammy, Fei Long, Elena, C. Viper)
4. Humanbomb (Sakura, Poison)
5. Bell (Chun-Li)
5. BunBun (El-Fuerte)
7. URSF|Sheep
7. Terry (E. Honda)


RB (Hugo) [0 - 5] MCZ.Daigo Umehara (Evil Ryu)

RB (Hugo) [3 - 2] Qanba.Dakou (Cammy) *So hyped! Crowd likes RB Hugo | Highlight here

MCZ.Daigo Umehara (Evil Ryu) [3 - 0] Qanba.Dakou (Cammy, C. Viper)

RB (Guy, Hugo) [3 - 2] Humanbomb (Sakura, Poison) *RB Hugo was so hyped!

Bell (Rolento) [1 - 3] RB (Chun-Li)

BunBun (El-Fuerte) [1 - 3] Humanbomb (Sakura)

Daigo Umehara (Evil Ryu) [3 - 2] Humanbomb (Sakura)

Humanbomb (Sakura) [3 - 1] Cody (Akuma)

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